Piaggio X10 350 engine mount – SILENTBLOCK?

Piaggio X10 350 engine mount – SILENTBLOCK?

How the Piaggio X10 350 engine mount should looks like?

What kind of SILENTBLOCK should be used?

The scheme shows silent-block OEM 668514 – SILENTBLOCK

Should silent-block [19] fit quite tightly to [18] or is there slack, and if slack is how many millimetres?

Or there should be different kind of silent-block – ie.

Write me an answer as a comment here – or send me an email on email [ x10 @ mckornik . com] Thanks

Piaggio X10 350 4T 4V I.E. E3 2012 M762M 2012-2015 ZAPM76201

Rubber Engine Mounting Bush engine swing-arm pivot


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