ON1 Resize AI 2022 Upgrade April 2022

ON1 Resize AI 2022 Upgrade April 2022

ON1 Resize AI 2022 Upgrade

ON1 Resize AI is a free upgrade to owners on ON1 Resize 2022. Just click the Install Now button to download and install it.

ON1 Resize AI, the next-generation photo enlargement software, gives photographers the highest quality photo enlargements. This all-new super-resolution technology will allow any photographer to enlarge photos while quickly maintaining and recovering an incredible amount of detail and sharpness.

What’s New – ON1 Resize AI 2022 Upgrade

  • Resize AI processing models. These replace Genuine Fractals as the default scaling method. It’s both faster and higher-quality
  • Batch processing experience. As a standalone app, we have replaced the bulky full version of Browse with a lightweight drag and drop experience. You can open multiple photos at once, or an entire folder, and they appear in the filmstrip. From here you can adjust and sync settings across multiple photos. Then use Export to control the destination, naming, filetype, etc.
  • Resize  options include Dimensions as well as long edge, short edge, width, height, megapixels, and percentage
  • Before/After preview with split-screen mode
  • Undo is now supported inside the crop tool
  • Batch printing is supported right inside the app

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