LUMINAR NEO – new features

LUMINAR NEO – new features

The new LUMINAR NEO – new features

luminar neo pre order
luminar neo pre order


  • Dust Removal AI – Dust on your camera mirror and lenses is no longer an issue. Remove the dust spots on your photos in a click with Luminar Neo.
  • Line Removal AI – Remove annoying lines and cables with just one click.
  • Overlays – Add graphic and photographic elements with a transparency channel to your photos. Find a list of free overlay elements on Luminar Neo to go further.
  • Luminar Share mobile app: Share the edited images effortlessly with your friends and followers on social media with Luminar Share.

Luminar NEO prices

Luminar NEO special pre-order prices going on till the 17th of November.

  • 1-seat license for Luminar Neo: 76 €/$
  • 2-seats license for Luminar Neo: 87 €/$

  • 1-seat license for Luminar Neo+Luminar AI: 105 €/$
  • 2-seats license for Luminar Neo+Luminar AI: 126 €/$

Luminar NEO prices – ends November, 17th

  • Starts: October, 18 14:00 pm
  • Ends: November, 17 14:00 pm

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